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Following our dreams, Part I: Liz

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

One could say I love the thrill of the chase.

Hi everyone, I'm Liz. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, moved to California and North Carolina for a bit, and officially settled in Colorado. Aside from moving, I love traveling, experiencing new culture, and trying new things. By doing so, I have had the opportunity to experience so much life and bartend in many different settings.

I started out slinging drinks at dive bars back home. If you've been, you'll know what I mean when I say bartending in Wisconsin is a whole other beast. Wisconsin in general is its own world. I went to college in an area that holds the title of "Drunkest Cities in America"- Appleton and Oshkosh, WI. Shoutout Sloshkosh, you will forever hold a special place in my heart. You heard it here first; Oshkosh is not just a clothing brand based around overalls.

Anyways, I moved on to bartend at a specialty cocktail bar, specifically mojitos and old fashioneds. Holla at your girl, I got you covered. There I learned my love for mixology. The endless combinations of liquors, herbs, fruits, juices, syrups, bitters, the list goes on and on. I adore a unique concoction. I also adored the step-up in bartending from walking the bar pouring shots in people's mouths to holding conversations with people who would remember the following day.

I moved to California and caught a gig bartending at a high-end resort. Though I just loved every second of being forced to wear a button-up and slacks, look like a boy, and talk way fancier than I know how, the super classy lifestyle wasn't my favorite. I enjoy conversation that comes relaxed and naturally; not one where I have to google search terms when I leave the table. I did, however, get to learning a little more about high end wines and pairing.

North Carolina allowed me to experience bartending in the club world. The face-paced, lord help me, kind of bartending. I liked this, I am fast paced. I don't slow down. It's the adrenaline rush. How fast can you make four Tito's-sodas and fifteen green tea shots... just kidding thirteen green teas and two chilled Casamigo's? Go! This was fun, but I have to say, it did wear me down.

I've settled in Colorado; however, I'm not slowing down. I'd say I've been well introduced to the world of bartending. Now it is time for me to make some moves and achieve some goals. The goal of waking up in the morning, loving your job *the company you've created*, and being able to work alongside your friends. I am so excited to launch Cosmic Honey. I am so excited to share my love for bartending and meet new people and am honored to be able to do so during people's most cherished moments.

Follow our journey, I can ensure you it will not disappoint.

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