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The Ultimate Breakdown

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

If you’ve been following our blog, you know the backstory on each founder of Cosmic Honey. Now let’s put it all together – what is Cosmic Honey? How does it work? Surely, you have some sort of understanding about the business whether it’s from one of us rambling or cruising our site. If something is still a little wishy-washy, it’s about to be broken down right now.

From the top!

You are planning an event- a wedding, baby shower, block party- and you have a list of things to do. The event must be perfect. After all, it’s your event. Between figuring out food, music, and decor, you cannot forget about beverages. You want everyone to be laughing and mingling, with the majority doing so while holding a drink. YOU want to be laughing and mingling while holding a drink. You need a bartender. Why? Because it’s a tad classier than telling your guests to pick a beer from the cooler. So, bartender it is, and since you’re setting the vibe, you want to make sure it’s one that makes a lasting impression. And thus, you turn to Cosmic Honey.

Cosmic Honey is a fully insured mobile bartending service, where hence mobile, the bartending service is brought to you, wherever you are. We bring the bartending and cocktail knowledge, equipment, aesthetic, and energy with us. We’re everything you want and need. Booking with us is a simple three-step process, which goes like this:

1. The first step is to decide your drink package. It is your event; therefore, you ultimately decide what beverages you want available to your guests throughout the night. There are three main packages 1) beer and wine, 2) beer, wine, basic cocktail, and 3) beer, wine, specialty cocktail. The beer and wine package is pretty straight forward- bartenders serve your choice of beer, wine, champagne, and seltzers. The second package with basic cocktails adds in the fixings for any two-ingredient cocktail you want served- your basic Tito’s sodas, rum and cokes, etc. The third package, the specialty cocktail package, is where the bartenders serve up to three specialty cocktails hand selected by you. The specialty cocktail package is the cherry on top of a perfect event, pun intended. While those are the three main packages, we can create any package that suits your event’s unique needs. Examples being mocktail or only cocktail. Regardless, every package includes four hours of bar service, as well as set-up and breakdown, a pre-event consultation, bar equipment, napkins, cups, straws, ice, and a menu board. Hours of service can be added. Bartenders are not included in any package and are paid at an hourly rate.

2. Once you’ve decided your drink package, the next step is to choose what bar you want showcased at your event. You have two main options. The first is our main attraction- the Honeywagon. The Honeywagon is a 1974 Shasta camper that we have converted into a mobile bar. The mobile bar is as unique as it gets. The Honeywagon is without a doubt a conversation starter and will make a lasting impression on all guests, as well as make one hell of a photo backdrop. However, if you do not have space for our camper at your event, you can rely on Cosmo. Cosmo is our adorable small satellite bar that can fit into any event space. It will make an equally ideal conversation piece and keep an amazing atmosphere. In the future we anticipate the creation of Wanda, a second satellite bar and partner to Cosmo. Now, if you do not need a bar at all and only need the bartenders, that is also an option! Just let us know your needs and we will make it work.

3. The third step is not as fun but debatably the most important part. Under Colorado State law, Cosmic Honey cannot provide the alcohol, only the service. Therefore, the host of the event, you, must purchase and provide the alcohol for the bartenders to serve. WHAT. Have no fear. On our website, there is an alcohol cost estimator that will help you determine what you will need to buy, how much, and roughly at what cost. This allows you to factor in that cost in the overall total. Think back to when I mentioned you receive a pre-event consultation. When we meet prior to the event, sampling and choosing what specialty cocktails are making an appearance, we will look at your alcohol list together and confirm what needs to be purchased and in what amounts. This will mitigate most, if not all, the stress that comes with this step.

Ok. You have completed the three steps. Besides your typical contracts that are no fun to type or read, your booking is completed. When it comes time for you event, we come an hour early for set up, craft an unforgettable bar experience for the entirety of party, and breakdown after. All while keeping up the energy your party deserves. You can rest assured that your event is going to include a bartending experience that will be the talk of the party and a memory that will forever make you smile, especially when you look at the photos.

Go on now! Let’s plan an event. We will chat with you later.

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