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Following our dreams, Part II: Jordan

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Do you remember as a kid when they had you taking different aptitude and career assessment tests? No, just me? I guess that's just what you do when you grow up in a rural small town in Wisconsin... along with “Drive your Tractor to School Day”. I grew up just outside of Green Bay—in the shadow of Lambeau Field. The youngest of three brothers, I always enjoyed good competition. Whether it be the classroom, playground, or athletic field, it was taught to us from a young age that if you were going to do something, do it right. To be your best. Now, I find that lesson the most important in how I treat others and how I approach life in general. Not as a competition against anyone else, but as a daily reminder to myself to be the best version of me.

That's where my journey began.

Anyway, back to the test. I vaguely remember my results as saying something about being a planner and that the wedding and event industry may have a job for me one day. I was somewhat embarrassed really. This particular kid did not want to grow up planning weddings and special events. What a dumb test! Almost a decade and several more questionable tests later and here we are. My current full-time job involves a completely different type of planning. I have been a Financial Planner for over 5 years. Deeply analytical, I have always enjoyed researching company financial statements and providing recommendations. The thrill of standing before clients and investors providing your analysis. Simply put, my true favorite part of the job is working directly with families to tailor financial plans that will allow them to live with confidence. So, what do you know, maybe that test wasn't so wrong after all?

And this is where our journey begins.

Like so many others, COVID has transformed the way I work and live. I have been able to pack up my laptop and suitcase to travel over the last 2.5 years and live as a digital nomad. Hotels, spare bedrooms, and the occasional couch became the new living and working quarters. I loved it. Old friends & new came together for many great experiences. I spent time visiting the summer lake shores of Milwaukee, the music and Honky-Tonks of Nashville, the beaches of St. Augustine, the mountains of Colorado and maybe most importantly, the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina.

I was on the 16-hour road-trip from my old home in Wisconsin to my new home in Colorado. The mountains were calling my name. I had really fallen in love with the mountains living just outside of Vail for a summer. Everyone kept telling me I came for the "wrong season”. Little did they know, I'm not much of a skier or snowboarder. Let's be honest, I can barely walk on my own two feet on half of these trails. Regardless, I had been dreaming of coming back home. I kid you not in the middle of my daydreaming, my phone started to ring, and I thought it really was the mountains! It was Liz.

Back in Charlotte I had a very solid group of friends. I mean, the type of friends who will give you the shirt off their back in a heartbeat. The type of friends who will have you laying on the ground belly laughing until the sun comes up. I had known Liz since my early college days, but we had gotten a lot closer over those few months spent in Charlotte.

14 hours left in my car ride I answered the phone call from Liz and knew something was up but could not quite read the vibe. I could sense the excitement in her voice. We very briefly had brought up the idea of going into business together, but the ideas were on the back-burner with my upcoming relocation project. I start picking up the vibe quickly. She mentions she has this creative dude who can help us renovate a trailer. She also has a trailer in mind and is explaining everything to me faster than I can go the speed limit. Well to keep it simple, this is where Cosmic Honey was born. In a very literal sense, it's been a long road.

I could not ask for better friends to be business partners with. Liz's bubbly personality and knowledge of the bartending/beverage industry meshes perfectly with my analytical and critical thinking.

You'll see his love and passion throughout the trailer. Liz will be your lead and from the moment you and your guests feel her energy and see her contagious smile, you'll be coming back to the trailer for more. With me, you get the fun, fine detail work!

A mobile-bartending business is not a revolutionary idea. Cosmic Honey is a revolutionary idea. From the smallest details to the biggest personalities, we are committed to providing the absolute best experience for you & your guests. I could not be more excited to be a part of this journey and for you to join us. Cheers!

With Love,


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